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Battery fits hand well Adjustable voltage Lockable Case nice to have
Shipping. Included Cartridge tasted awful, immediately replaced. Charger has short cable. Voltage change and device lock are all the same process
Shipping was almost 7 weeks. I had heard shipping was bad, but I never expected this bad. IF I order anything else from this site it will be in one batch with express shipping and then I will never deal with this site again.

I like the size , look, and feel of the battery.
Good for learning rebuildable atomizers as you can change the voltage if you get it all together and resistance is lower or higher than you intended.
Concerning the Case: I take my RDA, some juices, the charger and this battery with a tank on it everywhere I go pretty except work. I recommend getting a pack of cartos and a punch to go with the cartomizer tank. I like the tank but you need a needle tip to fill it through the screw hole, or you can loosen the tank and tip it to fill.

All in all I recommend, but be warned about shipping and the cartridge that is included.
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