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No leaking No Gurgling 2.4ml tank ego threaded
Polycarbonate plastic
I've used two of these, one red and one green, for about 2 weeks now and they're doing great. They are easy to fill. Unlike most cheap clearos, there is absolutely no leaking. Unlike other bottom coils, there is no gurgling either. Very consistent performance. Both measure 2.5 ohms. The wicks can't wuite keep up with huge long pulls or chain vaping. But that's OK, I don't want to get into the habit of chain vaping anyway. Just wait at least 30 seconds between puffs to allow the wicks a chance to re-saturate and these work great. The drip tip is removable so it can be changed out with your favorite 510 size tip. One downside is that the plastic appears to be polycarbonate, which means it might crack with citrus flavors, but this is also true of most other cheap clearos as well. I have not changed out the coil heads yet.
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