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Heavy duty, Cool design, consistent vapor production and taste, great charger, and batteries last forever!
Kind of heavy and awkward to have in your pocket with a tank (iClear 30)
I just received my Vamo Monday and I haven't touched my Vision Spinner since! I purchased the "Silver" Vamo with the Nitecore charger and double Panasonic CGR18650CH Rechargeable 2250mAh 3.7V 18650 Lithium Batteries SKU 1381404. As I had suspected from the pics the "Silver" is a Chrome V3. The batteries charge fast and last me 2 days (heavy vaping/chain vaping) on a single charge! All I can say is that variable wattage is where it's at! I have tried the Ce4, Ce5, iClear 16, iClear 30, & Kanger Mt3 and all have performed better than I had imagined. I especially like how the flavor really comes out when paired with the iClear 30. The one complaint I have is that the iClear 30 (my favorite tank) does not sit flush with the mod. It isn't a big deal, but it makes me uneasy about putting itin my pocket for fear that if I move the wrong way too much pressure will apply to the tiny 510 pin and break off. One other observation I made is the accuracy of the voltage meter. When I put freshly charged batteries in, the voltage reads 4.2, but then quickly drops to 3.8 where it stays for most of the day. This is my first mod, I'm not sure if that is related to the battery or not. I would highly recommend this mod to anyone!
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