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Mine are Stainless steel Very good quality,will be durable Screw on top,portable Easy build Damn fine vape!
Vaping's best kept secret!
o at last I've found what I've been searching for since I started vaping:- a solidly made stainless steel tough,robust truly pocketable portable genesis style atomiser that honestly performs well! And delivered to Blighty for under £5? Wow! Didn't need any cleaning (no machine oil residue). Used half (lengthways) of the stainless mesh (500g?) Wick,& 7 wraps of 1.2mm flat ribbon kanthal wire to give 1.18ohms,& it Vapes 100% VG @ 7watts perfectly! Much over 8.5watts & the skinny wick struggles to keep up,but I did a slender wick so I could leave the fill screw in to avoid any potential leeks. + at lower wattage my 18350's last longer,adding to this atty's "out & about" appeal. Tank volume is spot-on,an ideal compromise between lasting long enough & lasting too long. Perhaps a pyrex tank would be an improvement? Airflow is just right for me,fairly tight, & tho the air hole could easily be drilled out I feel this could make this a potential weak spot for leaks. Overall just the job for the out&about genesis user.
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