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I tossed this in the cart thinking it might be useful for doublechecking that I've got the same number of wraps when it comes to multi-coil builds, as I have a nasty habit of pulling a wrap out here and there and then forgetting whether I've done both evenly. This has definitely solved that issue, but it's also good for checking that your coils are evenly spaced for temp control builds. My builds have gotten much neater since I've had this around. One caveat - I'm left eye dominant, so I ended up switching the magnifier to the other side. Be careful if you decide to do this; there are only two screws holding the magnifier/light to the frame, but they are very small and very, very, *very* soft. I think they were originally phillips heads, but whomever/whatever assembled them in the factory torqued them in far too tightly - by the time mine was in my hands, the screws in question were an odd hybrid of phillips/hex that no screwdriver would fit. After finally getting them out and getting the magnifier where I wanted it, I used some similar sized SS phillips screws I had around. Wouldn't recommend even attempting to get the factory screws back in if you do decide to remove them.
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