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I have fairly poor vision and have been looking for a good solution to help me see better when building my RDA's. This head band magnifier has really made a huge difference for me. The LED light is just bright enough to illuminate the RDA and that makes a huge difference. It comes with a nice selection of varying strength magnifiers that can be stacked for stronger magnification. Just keep in mind, the stronger the magnification the closer the focal length is.

It's been comfortable to wear. The LED light doesn't use much battery power. The lens can be adjusted quite a bit to suite a wide range of viewing angles.

The only improvement I would make to this setup would be to make the lenses larger. I find myself constantly moving the head band lower and lower in order to get a more comfortable viewing angle. Other then that, it's really a great, hands free, magnifier.

If you have poor vision or just want to enlarge small objects this is a great buy.
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