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Solid Construction Smooth Threads Didn't show up broken Perfect Size
I can see how the button may not last over time
I've been using this for a few hours now and I'm quite happy with my purchase. Reading everyone else's review as I waited for mine to show up really got me worried. I am happy to report mine showed up in perfect working order. Here are my impressions:

All pieces are scratch free and fit together perfectly. Others reported the pants or shirt were slightly short, mine are not. There are no gaps. Nothing rattles at all when shaken. I have a 18490 battery in and am using the short tube plus the kick tube to make it the correct length. I adjusted the battery pin just a tiny bit and had to adjust the atty pin up about 2 full turns. I have a IGO-W4 on here and, while it is about a millimeter too small, it looks great. The mixed colors on here are perfect. I'm not a fan of the gold/brass usually but this mix is actually pretty classy.

The button was the part that worried me the most. Mine showed up in perfect working order. The shirt that locks the button has a nice resistance to it so it does not move too freely. There is a single o-ring underneath it to keep it snug. The resistance when pushing the button is minimal but it does not make contact until you really press down. This is exactly what I hoped for. I believe that even if I did not lock the button it is unlikely that it would fire in my pocket. While the button does not rattle when shaken, there is a little play in it when you start to press on it. It has not been a problem for me but I can see how it may not stand up to being dropped too many times. The button is easy to use with either my thumb or index finger. I haven't taken the buton assembly apart and hopefully I don't ever have to.

The tubes, as I said, are perfect. The pants fit perfectly over the inner tube and I have no spinning of the outer tube when all is tightened up, even when trying hard to twist them. There are no gaps at all if you get your battery pin adjusted just right. If you have a gap, see if your battery pin is too high. The threads are thin, buttery smooth, and have no grinding when opening or closing. I did have to give them a good cleaning as there was some machine shop gunk. It all came off though. The engraving on the bottom cap is very nice. Does not look or feel cheap. Is lined up perfectly. The mod has that nice, heavy feeling that I like. With the IGO-W4 on, it is balanced perfectly in the middle of the mod.

The battery pin, atty pin and spring are all silver plated. I feel like if I was using a 18350 battery it would be too short and awkward to use.

Hopefully this helps you make a decision and hopefully I'm not the only one to get a good one. I definitely think the slightly higher price than other mods on FT was worth it.
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