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exterior coating form factor battery life pass through
does not perform as good as a DNA20 buzzing noise does not read resistance correctly low resistance attys don't fire
I was looking at getting a genuine Hana Mod, when they first came out, however already having DNA20 and DNA30 devices I was not interested in paying to wait for one. But when this clone arrived on FT i decided to give it a go (my first cloned APV). My first impression was that i was quite impressed. The exterior finish is essentially flawless. I knew the form factor before i made the purchase, but i was also quite impressed by its small size. I also like that i can Inside the box is a little messy but i'm not planning on doing any work inside there (unless i have to change the LiPo).

My only issues with this mod are to do with the performance of the chip. first, the resistance reading of my attys is slightly off (0.3 Ohm higher than my other devices). this is not a huge deal, but if the resistance reading is off, i'm really not sure if the wattage is accurate. since the voltage is adjusted according to the resistance, it would lead me to believe that it delivering more wattage that what i have it set to. i'm not sure if this is due to the chip, or the continuity of the circuit. Second issue is that some of my lower resistance attys did not fire. and third issue is that ive heard some buzzing noises coming from the device (intermittently it seems) almost like some PWM. the noise seems to come and go. I'm also not sure if these problems with the chip are exclusive to my device or if the issues are consistent. I will probably be opening a service ticket to see what FT has to say about this.

Overall this is a decent device for the price. it really looks like the real thing. i'm not happy with its performance but it is size and build quality make it somewhat useful.
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