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Exterior finish Nano top works with full sized build for a different look. Most of the machining is real decent. Build deck screws only have a little wobble. PMMA full length tank works with it, haven't tried any of the other parts in the kit though. Comes with the screwdriver but than again these screw drivers aren't always functional. The Nano tank if you like those, I'm a chain vaper so I won't bother with the little tanks.
Length of AFC screw Depth of juice channels Loose fitting drip tip Missing o-ring on one out of five I ordered so far.
If this is a 1:1 clone I'm glad I didn't put the money out for the real thing!

I can be very critical at times so take some of this with a grain of salt for flavoring.

On a real DNA 20 chip I'm pushed down to 9 watts with air flow down around a guesstimated 1.1 mm if not a little less because the air movement/vacuum to juice flow/channel ratio is so whacked. Some of my clones I've had set at almost 18 watts when I got the wick just right and this wick isn't that far from right on, just a couple little clumpers in it. The coil is a 2 ohm, 30 gauge kanthal 8 wrap and I'm vaping a 50/50 blend if this helps put things into perspective.

The juice channels are at least a couple thousandths away from being even on each side which isn't helping wicking any either.

The AFC screw on this first one I've built up was entering the air channel when the head of the screw was flush with the bottom of the atomizer, maybe to offset the juice channels that are too small, I can't say for sure. I do know the screw is made of brass though because I shortened it a hair just to have to tighten it so just juice would flow.

You'd think with a double o-ring drip tip it might fit snug but it is a bit sloppy. Dental floss time!

I've even gone as far as to index the hole in the positive post when I took it apart and washed it but that seems to be for not.

The build deck, finish and insulators seem to be fine with just a little wobble in the terminal screws, the rest of the machining seems to be well done. I'm pretty sure with the AFC screw shortened like I did and the juice channels opened slightly these will be on par with the best of my other Klones.

Oh boy, 9 watts is even pushing it, modifications to the juice channels are a must in my books!
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