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Small Flawless finish Nice engravings Good performance Perfect threads
Bottom engraved tube is very thin Brass lock ring is possibly gold plated
If you are in the hunt for a light weight pocket friendly mod this is definitely one to consider. I know alot of people hate the fact it doesn't have a top cap or switch that can be removed for easy battery swaps but for me it is a positive. Having less breaking points gives it a slight edge performance wise compared to any other SS tube mod I have come across. The threads are so smooth unscrewing the tube to change batts takes nothing more then a few good twists and watching it spin. The switch is easily disassembled for cleaning and has a really nice throw. It can even support the weight of the modern with a Kayfun and not fire unlocked. The only issue with that is it does wobble a bit if unlocked. The engravings are flawless along with the over all finish. I only have two minor complaints with this mods. The first is the lock ring. Function wise I couldn't ask for better but I believe it is gold plated and not naked brass like expected. The second is the thickness of the engraved tube. It is very thin and feels like with a good hard squeeze you could warp it. I am positive if it was stepped on that wouls be the end of it. Unfortunately I have never used a real one so don't know if it has the same feel. I do know the real one has a similar weight but imagine it is made of a higher grade ss and be stronger like every other high end mods material compared to clone mods material. I still think this is a great buy and having seen many other mods more suited for a pocket then this.
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