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Air flow control Drip Tip
Scuffs and speckles
This is the 2nd Plume Clone I've owned so far. The first one came from Fleabay and was returned within 1 day because of stripped threading in the negative posts. This one, thankfully, has good threading in both the negative posts and the center T-post. It also has a pretty good overall fit. The top cap fits on just tight enough but not too tight. The center tube also fits the deck nicely.

The gold plated deck, both inside the deck and under the deck, have speckles all over. Almost like the gold plating was poorly sprayed onto the decking and either didn't dry properly or was sprayed over a dirty surface. It doesn't effect performance at all but just looks cheap. There are also machining marks all over the center T-post and a couple of minor scruffs on the outside of the center tube. Nothing severe but noticeable. If you are picky about that type of thing, well, it might bother you. It's important to remember these are clones and they are priced well below the authentic version so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Most importantly, IMO, it does produce a really nice vape. It hasn't blown me away yet but I'm still trying different builds. I think this RDA has received so much hype that it might be having a hard time living up to it's glory. So far, I grab my Quasar, Vulcan,. CLT or Magma before I reach for this one. But that can always change.

Should you buy one? If you're ok with some scuffs or poor machining marks then yes, give it a go. If you're super picky and want your stuff to be perfect, no. But like I said before, if you're super picky you probably shouldn't be buying clones in the first place.
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