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Don't see what all the hype is about. The one piece chimney is a total design disaster. There are plenty of people out there offering tips on how to wick this thing, and i followed their instructions successfully, but i just would rather use a kayfun. I couldn't care less about cloud blowing and big airfolw. I like thin( high pg ), high nic juice, a few puffs and I am done. So for the way i like to boil liquid nicotine, this thing is a total fail. If i get a two piece chimney then i could make this work with thin liquid. But since I can't see my cotton with the chimney attached, I get nothing but leaks. But all that aside, if you like thick( high vg), low nic juice this is a great boiler. Good quality, easy to build on, more airflow than my modded kayfuns, and 4 thick and deep juice channels to get your cloud juice to the coils. Good luck wicking without leaks though!
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