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-build deck is very nice for dual setup - Build quality is good - overall quality well done
screws a too tiny
So, got my Orchid V2 today with my Cherry Bomber in the mail :-)

This is my second Orchid, bought this one because i loved the very good flavor of the orchids.

My first orchid is the v6 and so i thought lets build this one in the same way. Put 28 Kanthal on 0.6 OHM in the Setup.

Cotton as Wick. And then the first error starts. On my other orchid and Kayfuns i learned that never ever put cotton in the channels else you got dry hits.

But this orchid has very huge channels. So as is fill up this guy it leaks like hell. Could not stop it leaking.

Then second build. I watched a nice build from this always smiling Philipino guy, where he primer the cotton and put some in the juice channels.

This works very well. Filling is a little bit sneaky to. But its the same as on kayfun. If you know how to do it then it works.

anyway. This little burner, if well builded do some serious clouds and fantastic vaper. Much better then kayfun or taifun. Much better Flavor.

Only one things bugs me, that this one has no botton filling hole, like some other v2 clones. But its not so much of a problem.
When refilling, the best way is to dry this little O-Ring a little bit and put it in the hole not on the chimney.

For good wickers a very good RTA with the flavor of a RDA.

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