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Looks fantastic Great build quality
Air hole alignment can be tricky
So, I purchased this RDA admittedly based on its looks. In my opinion it's one of the most stylish toppers out there to date. Tesla didn't just make another cookie cutter RDA so I have to give them props for design. It really does look fantastic in person and it's the nicest looking RDA I have matched with my Stingray X.
As far as flavor and plumage goes it's good. Not great. Middle of the road is where I would place it. I think with some experimentation of builds it could get better, a lot better. The post holes line up nicely, post screws are super smooth. The fit of the out sleeve on the deck is perfect. The fit of the copper top onto the inner sleeve is perfect as well.
The biggest downside is the design of the inner sleeve that screws onto the bottom deck. Once screwed down all of the way, the air holes don'e always line up properly. This can be remedied by turning the inner sleeve a bit in order to adjust alignment. Doing this does loosen up the inner sleeve which may cause it to turn a bit while inserting your drip tip, etc.
Overall, a big winner on looks and a runner up on taste/plumage.
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