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Well made Weighty British design
Needed work,510 shorting British design!!
Beautifully made straight outa the box,was very impressed with the build quality & heft. Required little washing as wasn't too oily I was keen to try this much anticipated British design
However- before I'd even coiled this it showed a jumping resistance on my ohm reader,averaging around 0.3ish..not impressed I relented & took a dremmel to the outside of the removable brass +ve 510. Problem solved! Next problem- +ve "post screw" thingy too long- out with the dremmel again & problem2 solved.
Now I realise there's a learning curve with all these things,but some things are designed differently just for the sake of it,& sadly this is one of those things. Putting coil wires directly into terminal holes in the deck isn't standard practice for a good reason. Nor is utilising a ceramic cup. Sorry,but this isn't innovative or a step forward & the vape quality certainly doesn't justify the bloody hassle. Airflow's pretty limited for low ohm builds but OK for lung hits at higher resistance,flavour is good rather than exceptional. It doesn't leak like my KFL,but is a bugger to wick tho you can work on the deck without emptying the tank.
These are only my first impressions, I'm hoping to "get it" & experience what the fanboys do once I've got the knack. Recommended? Dunno yet,ask me in a month or two,sorry!
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