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Good finish Huge clouds Rolled glass edges on the glass tank section Lots of airholes HUGE juice channels
So many that I question my marketing judgement Non-adjustable 510? I though those times were over. Literally no flavor at all.
Got it in the mail today and pulled it apart for a good soak in alcohol and dawn detergent. Afterward it was on to the coiling and assembly. From there I discovered a whole new realm of crazy.
Both negative screws had to be replaced on the deck because they wouldn't tighten down. I ended up sorting thru all of my other useless spares just to find only one fit, which means I spent about a half hour digging thru my toolbox to find a replacement that worked. Did that.
Tossed some dual 24g/8 wrap/3mm coils in it with some Cotton Bacon and went to fill it just to find the filler screw is rusted up pretty bad, leaving a bunch of crud on the threads. More alcohol and a qtip took care of this, but the spare in the bag doesn't even fit. Once again, back to the toolbox to fish one out of an old Kayfun deck...done.
It never dawned on me until I was already into it that you can't see how full the tank is until you over fill it, which I did...just a little.
I took my first few pulls off of it and got some huge clouds, but the flavor is almost non-existent. I guess I had high hopes for it from all of the hype and reviews, but I have a lot of attys with the same design (Orchid, Goblin, Fogger, Aqua,etc.) that absolutely put this poor fella to shame. I'll try a few different builds on it just to see if it improves with variation, but if this is all that it can be, it's going to get shelved or sold fast.
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