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Great form factor Solid construction Easy to hold and work with Great Efficiency Lightweight and easy to hold Remembers wattage settings even if you remove/re-insert the battery
Battery door doesn't screw down fully Wattage Up/Down too fast 510 center pin spring a bit stiff Charging port in the base 510 positive inside is inclined to one side
PROs in Detail: Mod is very efficient! I tried the same atomizer on my SX300 at 35 watts and then tried it on the IPV at 35 watts, there's a considerable difference in the performance. IPV wins by a good margin! Hits better on the IPV Mini V2!
The switches are easy to use, the display screen is nice and easy to read. Just have to tilt the mod to the left to read or better yet, tilt your face to the right and read haha.
The mod remembers the wattage setting even if you remove the battery and re-insert the battery in the mod.
The weight and design is pretty good ergonimically. Easy to hold and fire with the side button.
The mod doesn't heat up when I vape on higher wattage (tested up to 50 warts lol). However, the atomizer heats up and transfers some heat to the mod. Hook up a heatsink if you wish.
Charging cable and the user manual is included in the package.


CONs in detail: Battery door doesn't close fully, so with a slight touch, the mod rotates on the round battery cover.
The wattage adjustment rushes too fast after a couple of seconds. Unlike my SX300, changing wattage on this requires some patience.
510 center pin is sprint loaded but the spring is too stiff. You have to screw in the atomizer a bit forcefully.
The chargin port is in the base. Talk about charging the mod with the atty screwed in. You know what's going to happen.
The 510 positive contact inside is not centered, it's inclined to one side. Make sure you use a properly wrapped battery or the center pin of the mod will directly short your battery. Although there would be protection but what fun is it trying a badly wrapped battery in this mod lol
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