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Arrived clean Very well made Superb flavour Mini sized Innovative
Virtually zero liquid volume Hard to fill Very tricky build Leaks from fill hole Gimmicky Whistles
Torn about this one- the flavour really is exceptionally good,possibly the best I've tried (& I've been vaping a while & drip 99% of the time) BUT its a missed opportunity to make a truly great RDA - IMO the cons outweigh the pros. Its genuinely very tricky to build on,with hardly any room & "slippery" round bottomed screws to hold your wire in (the stupid notches really are far more of a hindrance than help) & consequently only thinner wire really works (I understand this is a flavour attie) & I found this worked best in TC mode (Ti wire used).
The liquid volume is rubbish,like 3 decent lung hits & it's empty & the refil method really doesn't work well- not poss to drip down the drip tip hole,as this floods the evaporation chamber,but equally the fill hole is only wide enough for a fine needle tipped bottle,so drips cannot be counted & relies on a squirt of estimated liquid to refill,which ends up either not enough or too much,again resulting in the evaporation chamber flooding..very frustrating .To exacerbate the poor design the drip tip only half covers the fill port so that leaks too..
A shame,as I was really hoping for better use ability. Maybe for a very patient high resistance mouth to lung flavour chaser this would be a good buy,the taste it delivers is really,really outstanding- and that is really its only redeeming feature.
One for the collectors & very experienced builders only.
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