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Good engravings Heavy weight quality Simple design Locking switch
Could do with more magnets on the door Its a mech Weight/bulk
Bought this for the box as i intend to put a chip in it,& reminded me why i rarely use mechs anymore ( too much faffing about getting ohmage right,noticable battery drop off etc) but aside from my bias towards regulated mods I've enough experience with tubes to give this a fair review.

Very impressed with the build quality of this mod,lovely clean,crisp engravings (which is why most folk will buy it). Would guess the volt drop isnt too bad either,being copper contacts throughout. The lock on the switch works well,just a quarter turn. Its very solidly built,much heavier than my M80,or Slug,lighter than my kato or vtr- around two panzers,which would be about right given its dual '650 battery capacity. Every thing adjusts easily & its very intuitive to use,thanks to its very simple design. There's no rattles,fire button throw is pretty spot on & finnish is flawless. Feels pretty durable too,tho i dont wear a ring on my vaping hand.
Door magnet is adequate,not a problem but id personally like it stronger.
Not much else to say..if the design appeals buy it,you certainly wont be disappointed- its excellent value :-)
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