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Was a little disappointed with the quality of this rba. It completely fell apart after some use whereas the rba I got with my original purchase of the Subtank Mini is still going strong despite being a couple years older. Think the rba Im reviewing only lasted under a year so Im having to continually replace. The connection points are made with some type of glue and just disintergrate until they become unusable. I found all the 'authentic' replacement parts for the Kanger Subtank from Fasttech easily fall-apart because of poor fushion of connection points with an adhesive which evetually disintergrates.
I also dont like how the cylinder peice utilises a small screw to hold it in place. The original Subtank Mini rba, (which came with the kit), has threading at the base of the cylinder peice which just screws onto the base. Unfortunately I suspect these vaping products are purposly designed to require continual replacement; thats how manufacturos and distributors produce a massive income stream. I have no othrr option but to utilize this rba with all its faults.
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