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Good if you have never tried to use a double edge razor before. For a couple bucks you can try it out and see if it works for you.
Had it about 3 weeks and threads started to strip already. Have to really make sure that the actual razor blade inside is sitting square and that exposed blade on either side is equal and blade is not crooked.
Got tired of paying $20 for multiblade cartridges (packs of 5!) and was getting really bad razor burn from them, so I thought I would give the double edge razor a try. This was the least expensive option to try one out. I would suggest picking up a few different brands of razor blades (5 packs) to see what works for you. Some suggestions would be Personna Lab, Derby, and Astra. Tons of videos on double edge shaving out there. But I'm glad I got this one because it made up my mind to invest in a good $40 razor. Close comfortable shaves and no more razor burn. Consider this product as a disposable way to try it out and see if shaving this way is for you. A stepping stone.
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