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fully SS color style adjustable TCR
changing between watt and TC mode, needs TCR readjustment
This one is a very good box mod. Build quality is OK, frame has some minor gaps, not really visible. Atomizers sits flush, making a very good connection. Right now I am using it with a Kayfun V4 in TC mode, works flawlessly. The capability to adjust TCR manually is one of the best options, making it really easy to use it in TC mode with every capable wire. Right now I have a 430SS build, TCR set to 14.
After battery change it keeps all the settings in memory, including TCR. It only forgets the atomizer, so it is asking for new or old one. Just press on old and ready to go. As for new coil question after deep sleep, it occurs after not being in use for a couple of hours, that is not annoying at all, it happens once a day, in the morning, when I woke up. As for setting up TC mode, first you have to set the max wattage, set TCR, set desired temperature and put atty on. The rest is made automatically.
One annoying thing, when using it on TC mode and wanna change the watt settings, after going back to TC mode needs readjustment of TCR. That is more annoying than new coil question. But once max watt settled for your own taste and everything else set is like vape it and forget about it.
I really like this device, one of the best o the market in this price range.
My current setting is paired with a Kayfun V4, genuine gold plated spring, 0.83ohm, 430SS wire, TCR at 14, °C set at 250, wattage at 21 and it vapes like a boss!
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