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Will keep juice makers and batt companies in business Flavor
MUST be thoroughly washed. Mystery leak
Having bought the TF-RTA G2, I looked forward to getting this deck. It made sense that it would have more flavor. Not certain it did. I am certain though, that it definitely has different flavor.

Having cleaned my G2, only to discover the Clapton coils were saturated in machine oil, on this one, I took the extra time to clean the Claptons on the G4 deck. I even wielded the secret weapon, Dr. Bronners Miracle soap.

Pulsed the coils until they were even, and I was satisfied no oil remained, wicked it up, and loaded it with my ADV.

with the stock coils, (Kanthol) @ 0.15 ohm, 70 watts is what seemed to be best for me.

The flavor was close to the G2, as far as quantity. Draw was a little tighter, but still very airy.

What is unusual, it the flavor. I would have barely recognized it as my juice. Thinking perhaps there was an objectivity issue, I loaded my reference RDA for comparison.

Its not me. I am going to try different coils, juice etc hoping that something else as I have made it will really shine with this deck, but I am not going to re-formulate my DIY for this deck.

Easy to build and wick, but after the first tank, it dumped juioe. Thanks to the excellent design of the TF-RTA, I pulled the deck, and checked the wicking. It was fine.

It might be that it has been super hot here, and that I fill the tank to the very top, but the G@ never leaks a drop. The mystery leak has even occurred with only 25% of the tank full, so I topped the tank to the brim, and it was fine, no rewicking needed. So, it does not seem to be only the level of juice in the tank, or the wicking. Puzzeling.

BTW, it guzzles the juice. Like afterburner. 50% more power, double the fuel. except it was not double the flavor. Double the juice, double the watts, and weird flavor, with the added fun of a mystery leak. I probably will donate this deck to the PIF box @ the local vape shop unless it redeems itself somehow.

Can't wait to try the single coil deck for this atty though!
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