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lovely taste long lasting
odd taste at times
These aren't bad. The first one I tried was horrible. It tasted gross even after I left it to sit over night etc. The second one, I tried priming it a different way. I put juice in and turned it as I went, letting it soak into the ceramic slowly. I then put a little bit around the outside holes but as there is no cotton that was probably pointless. I put it in my tank and started at around 10 watts but got barely any cloud so I took the watts up slowly and I was happily surprised. In only a few minutes after I took it out of the pack it was tasting delicious!!! I decided to do this review after I installed my 3rd coil as I wasn't sure if the success I had with the second one was just a fluke. I've now had the second successful coil in for about 20 minutes and i have it running at at 24.6 watts. This seems to be the best spot for me. I also read another review that said they where using theirs at 24.6 watts as well. I'm also using my tank on a heat sink as I found that it would show "no atomizer" quite often which was becoming annoying as I hate just sucking in air so after a bit of research on google I found others that where having the same problem with melo 3 tanks and they where fixing them with spacers etc. As I already had a heat sink laying around I thought I would give it a try and its sitting on 0.5 ohms at all times now. I will dry burn the first gross coil I tried and then retry it again when I need to change coils again and see if priming it the new way helps at all.
I have to say that you do definitely get dry hits but the extra flavour I get is worth the 2 dry hits I got in a months use. Give them a go. the flavour is outstanding!!! If you don't like them, I will have them Lol
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