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Performance depends heavily on your build. If you're going to take it above 30 watts, 3.0mm coil recommended, clapton would be better. Proper wicking is crucial to minimize dry hits on the 3rd or 4th puff.

Build deck is user friendly, but you must cut the excess wire as close to flush as you can. It becomes very easy for that excess to touch the chamber wall when putting it together. Could cause a short if not careful.

Fit and finish is fantastic. The only ding would be that the allen key provided doesn't fit the grub screws nicely. Luckily I had another allen key that fit perfectly.

I would have thought a single coil build would lower juice consumption rate but sadly it doesn't. This thing eats up juice in a hurry. If you're vaping 35+ watts, a full tank will last you 20-30 min. Thankfully the top fill works quick and easy without a juice flow control.
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