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Hits really hard! I didn't have to do any cleaning because of the plating. Very very light and compact. Looks good too. The insulation under the top plate looks decent enough.
The button needs some getting used to. You have to press it towards the center. Wish the plating was better. Or if they had used copper contacts instead of these crappy brass plating. There's a little gap under the atty between the mod (doesn't sit flush, but no biggie for me)
This is my first series mech. I wasn't really a fan of long tube stack type mods, it's a bit silly looking for that length. The build quality is not bad. I just wish they had used copper plates instead of these crappy looking brass platings. I didn't have to clean those plated areas. The button has a really strong spring inside it. So I'm good there. Mod is very light and compact. Looks good too. Wish it had a different color available. Be sure to install the proper ohms coils for series. I don't have the coils I wanted for this atm so I found some N80 fused Claptons 30*2/38 laying around so had to make do with what I had. 9 wraps 3mm dual coils came at .61 ohms. And it hits really hard, SO MUCH flavor! I'm waiting to get my hands on 28*2/36 Ni80 wire and i will be going for a .4 or .45 build. Going to need more wraps with that wire. Really good price for a clone and for how well it performs. I'll buy a second one as backup.
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