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This is my third one after having bought the blue and black ones. I was pleased to see that the manufacturer has improved a couple of things:

1) a plastic insert at the back of the button to avoid possible melting of the button itself after heavy use

2) the L-plate has a different bent to that the battery now sits very firm in the mod. No rattling.

In summary, I am loving this mod at this price. Like others, I also have made some adjustments to my models:

a) changed the bottle to a supersoft one
b) wrapped a bit of electrical tape around the L-plate where it touches the bottle cap
c) inserted an O-ring between the insulator and the top of the 510 pin to lift it up slightly as some atties did not make a decent connection

Now, all three of mine are working perfectly well and I can swap bodies and battery covers to mix and match colours.
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