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Overall   (2.7)
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Fairly well-functioning RDTA, although the top cap is very flimsy and can be difficult to thread. I got it because it's one of the few RDTAs that are squonk-ready, I find it a big help to be able to see how much liquid I have - it allows for less over-squonking. I have several squonkers and this atomizer fills up very fast on all of them, so I've had to be careful when squonking that I don't go all the way to the top and cause liquid to leak out the air slots. As far as the draw, I get a semi-restricted lung vape - it has more airflow than the Vapefly Galaxies and the Ammit, but less than a regular RDTA, RTA, RDA or sub-ohm pre-made coil tank as well. It's actually just about the right draw for me when it's fully open. Given all the above, I'd rate it about 2 out of 5 on build quality, and a 4 out of 5 on basic functionality. It scores an extra point for being the kind of draw I prefer.
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