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Overall   (3.5)
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* Very compact * Very light weight * Clean design * Chip features like preheat and shown amps
* Non intuitive fire button * Poor 510 connector * Cheap finish * Battery lid * Inconsistent coil resistance
* Fire button. The fire button sits almost flush with the body, it requires a lot of attention to be aware of its position. I have to look where to click too often and sometimes I'm even searching for the button on the wrong side of the body. The centered position of the 510 connector, a very nice feature in itself, isn't very helpful.
Also the fire button can only be pressed at the top, the bottom part is fixated. Clicking in the middle is possible but requires more force. Fortunately it doesn't rattle, and it's bigger than the Pico 75's fire button.

* 510 connector. Every time I screw on any of my atomizers I get an "atomizer low" error. I have to unlock the battery lid and give the batteries a little push, or push the 510's spring before I screw on an atty. The cause may be a "rubber grommet spring type", as suggested by forum member gmm11 in the discussions.

* Finish. The matte/satin black painted parts become shiny over (little) time. The clear coated brushed metal body gets shiny too, and it's wear and tear sensitive. If feels less pleasant than the silver Pico 75's body.

* Battery lid. A firm finger tab or push against the bottom sometimes causes the battery lid to unlock. Dropping the mod will likely cause the same thing to happen.

* Coil resistance. The resistance of the coil shown on the screen is inconsistent. When I screw on an atomizer the screen may f.i. show 0.75 Ohm. When I unscrew the atomizer and screw it back on again the screen may show 0.71 Ohm. Or 0.70 Ohm. Or 0.73 Ohm. This is probably related to the 510 connector. As long as the atomizer is screwed on the ohmage usually is stable.
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