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Size, Power Output, Large screen, Arctic Fox firmware support.
Battery door latch isn't good, gets warm.
I love this thing. The small size is perfect, just a few mm longer and wider than 2 18650's laying side by side. It's easy to carry and store in a pants pocket without being too bulky. Firing button has plenty of area and a re-affirming soft click. My only problem so far has been the battery door. After a month or so of use, door moves the slightest bit and becomes semi unlatched, creating a small gap that will eventually pop open and eject the batteries out of the bottom of the mod. Once it starts doing it, the only secure solution is to either replace the door assembly or drill a hole (2mm drill) through the battery door and use one of the existing screws to secure the door shut, which isn't easy for everyone to do. Also, with using a screw, you lose the convenience of being able to quickly swap out the batteries. But you don't have to worry about the batteries falling out. I feel that because of the size of the mod and lack of mass, I notice it gets warmer faster than other 18650 mods I've owned and used when chain vaping. Using Samsung 30q batteries, I usually have to swap them out every 2 days.

Despite the battery door issue, I recommend the Invoke to everyone that wants a simple to use, high power mod at a really good price. I've owned a black one for nearly a year and I have to remark on how well the finish has held up, there are NO chips or scratches in the paint, not even on the bottom. In my year of ownership, I had one instance where I had to remove the batteries to get the mod to respond to button presses. I like the size and layout of this mod so much, I purchased another one so that I'll have a replacement in case something happens to my primary one.
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