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- 18mm deck - tight MTL airflow settings - easy to build - peek insulators - well machined - arrived clean
- some machine marks under AFC (can't be seen when the AFC ring is installed) - 510 drip tip hole seems to be smaller than normal - over priced
This is the big brother of the McFly 14. It arrived clean and well machined. The only undesirable machine marks are hidden under the air flow control ring and cannot be seen when put together. The two deck posts are secured in place and use incredibly small grub screws to secure the coil legs. These screws are easily lost however two spares are included in addition to a couple extra o-rings and a grub screw wrench. All the insulators appear to be PEEK and the drip tip feels like POM. The post design and 18mm deck makes single coil builds very easy to install and wick.

The drip tip hole seems to have been milled slightly small as around 30% of the drip tips I've tried won't fit, but enough do fit to make it a minor concern. The McFly does not have much of a juice well and excess juice will be sucked back down since the deck's juice port is level to the bottom of the well. That being said it's difficult to over-squonk this RDA enough to result in a leak. Airflow control is best suited for MTL vapers and it does a restricted MTL vape nicely. It's smallest air hole hole is slightly larger than that of the various Speed series RDA's, but still provides a nice restricted MTL draw. Over time juice will collect behind the AFC ring but you won't notice it until you disassemble the RDA. The heatsink looked at touch odd at first since it squares off the shape of the RDA, but it does seem to do what it was designed to. Despite this square appearance the top cap is domed inside the vapor chamber. The McFly 18, like the 14, arrived in a great looking package cloned from the authentic. Surprisingly to me it has branded laser etchings on the base of the deck.

It's a very nice little bottom feeding RDA for MTL vapers. I'd compare it to similar RDA's like the various speed RDA's, hellfire, stike 18, etc. However I do feel it is about 40% over priced [although this is a typical issue with YTFK items]. If the less expensive version was available at the time I ordered this, I would have gone with it instead.

Is it my favorite RDA of this genre? No. The Speed Revolution takes that spot. But it's a damn good RDA that's worthy of consideration especially if you found the Speed Rev's airflow to be a little too tight. And if you did want to acquire the real McFly 14/18, the authentic is made in Italy and is practically impossible to get [particularly if you live outside of Europe], so this clone does a great job at filling that lack of availability.
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