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Overall   (4.2)
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• 21700’s • Nice Engravings • Cheap af • Easy to clean and maintain
• The engraved compatibility Message • Super Nitpick – The Name
The Marvec Skeleton King Kong is one of those designs you can either love or hate, but I’m not sure if there is a place in between those two stances. It’s a brass tube with a lot of engravings going on, they are fairly well done and I dig the pattern and the skulls. The engraved parts are finished with a glossy black which gives a nice contrast and brings out the shapes very well. The Marvec engraving on the top is well done too, on the opposite side of it one finds the serial number, mine being 0438. The tube is a little different from your standard tube as you take off the top part to insert a battery. On the inside of this top part, right under the venting slots, there’s even more engravings… but those are also my first con of this tube. The engraving goes all the way around and says *Compatible with 18650 20700 2100*

I mean, it’s great that it takes three different types of batteries and it being compatible with 21700s was one of the selling points for me. BUT, why do I have to see this every friggin time I use the Mod? I have no clue whatsoever. It’s not visible if you use 18650’s but with 21700’s and 20700’s it sure is annoying. The name is a bit questionable too… Skeleton King would have been fitting with the skull theme, but why on earth is this “Kong” there? Please someone enlighten me because I don’t get it.

It’s a fairly comfortable tube to hold and fire, the engraved body gives a good grip so there is no way this can slip down through your hand like some of the smoother tubes á la Vindicator.
The fire button is something I haven’t seen on another tube before. Two silver plated stainless-steel blocks that are held together by two rubber o-rings (you get one separate o-ring with, in case one gives up) are sitting below a vertically placed wedge with the tip pointing down. Pushing down pushes the blocks I wish the blocks were just a tiny bit smaller so the throw wouldn’t be so long. But other than that, I have no complaints, the button is easy to maintain and fires well, if you don’t mind a slightly longer throw.
As you can see in the pictures, I let the brass outside form a bit of patina, the tube came clean but matte brass. I’m not sure why the product pictures show a polished brass when it isn’t but thankfully I love patina so it’s not a big deal to me, still worth mentioning though but this one is on the vendor, or at least I think it is.
Nope, not one in the year I used it.
None Thankfully

Usage: The Skeleton King Kong is a hybrid tube, so be sure to only use Atomizers with a 510 pin that is protruding enough to safely make a connection. The threads are buttery smooth when clean and no battery rattle is happening in either direction. The 18650 sleeve fills the empty space around the battery enough to prevent any rattling too so well done there. But to be completely honest, I only used it with an 18650 once for testing purposes when I got it and it works fine. I have a lot of 30T’s laying around and recently bought a pair of Molicel P42A’s so there is just no need to.
My extremely in-depth scientific testing (me vaping...) could … this time, detect a tiny bit of voltage drop, but nothing out of the ordinary. The button design is bound to have a little bit more voltage drop than the one in my reference tube, the Vindicator. But it’s not bad, I currently use the Conspiracy RDA on it with a 0.16 build made from u/badazd’s wonderful Flatwire and it’s a lovely vape.
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