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Overall   (4.2)
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- Spring loaded 510 - Fits multiple battery sizes - Regulated output signal - Safety protections [over/under voltage, over temp, high/low load resistance] - Clicky tactile fire button
- Made from brittle plastic - Feels a bit a cheap - Silicone bottle smells bad and needs a day or two in the sun to fully off gas.
This is a nice and affordable little mod. It fits various battery sizes [includes 18650 adapter], has a spring loaded 510, and a regulated output signal. Safety protections include over / under voltage, IC over-temp protection, and load resistance monitoring. There is a micro USB port for charging but I have not tried it and don't plan to. The tactile button is clicky and responsive, it lights up green when fired, and the mod can be locked by five short clicks of the button. There is a blue and red flashing led inside the mod when fired [which I don't care for at all], but this can be turned off by three short presses of the fire button. In time I'll probably replaced the LED with a more discrete and dim color - perhaps a low lumen warm white or orange LED.

Included is a well made white silicone bottle with a two piece stainless steel threaded cap. This is one of the better included bottles I've seen as it's soft and doesn't leak making it fully functional and nice to squeeze. Some other bottles I've tried that fit the Raptor include the YFTK square super soft 7ml bottle, the Pulse BF silicone bottle, and the Hugo Squeezer bottle.

The Raptors front and back panels fit well and have small magnets on on four corners to help keep it secured. There is no rattle or movement from either panel. Some people have mentioned the plastic IC cover causes the front panel to not fully seat in the frame, but my Raptor does not seem to suffer from this tolerance issue. The entire mod is made from a brittle feeling plastic and it does feel a bit cheap - but for the price it's actually a solid little device with no significant flaws. I'm not sure how well it would survive if dropped on a hard surface; at the very least both panels would pop off. While it feels fine in the hand to hold, it's boxy edges combined with it's thickness result in some minor hot spots on the fingers. It's a bit larger than dedicated 18650 bottom feeders, especially with regard to thickness, making it one of the larger bottom feeders I own. That being said it's still small enough to comfortably carry in the hand or stuff into a jacket pocket.

Overall I'm happy with the Raptor. The output signal provides a nice vape, it appears to be reasonably well made given the price-point, and the safety features offed by the IC make it a user friendly and relatively safe bottom feeder. Aesthetically it's design makes it a smart looking mod and I'm fond of the brown panels. In the future it would be nice to see the other color panels offered for sale independently from the mod.

Overall I'd give the Raptor a 7.75 / 10 on the Moldy Mod Scale. Recommended.
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