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Overall   (4.7)
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Fit & Finish Blade came sharp Ball Bearings = Smooth Action Grippy G10 Steel liner lightened with holes Good Detent, Flips Well
Mine came with a small corner of the G10 broken and a brownish spot on the blade that won't rub off. Texture on the G10 makes it difficult to get in and out of pocket.
So I got this knife because I wasn't satisfied with the Fura D2 knife that looks similar. The YSTART is definitely better made. The liners have had all edges rounded. The G10 is milled with ridges so it's very grippy, but that does introduce one con: the knife is very hard to get in and out of pocket because of the texture on the G10. That could probably be helped by sanding down the G10 under the clip. Otherwise this is a must-buy budget wonder...snappy flipping action that runs on ball bearings. Lightweight compact size but still a decent sized blade. After the requisite take down and cleaning everything came back together again with blade centered and the knife functions great. The blade came sharp and is a decent slicer, but I'm sure it could do a little better with a proper sharpening. Mine has a small brown stain or spot on the blade that seems to be part of the steel. Also a corner of the G10 was broken off. I can live with these small flaws and it's probably random but worth mentioning. For the price it's still a well made knife.
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