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BEST FEELING in the hand for a dual 18650 mod Great overall design Elegant, curvy, small and minimalist Touch screen works fine Temp control works ok with SS316 single coil
Shaky door (can be fixed easily) 2 obvious shades of blue (door and body) Would be a lot better with the bottom door of the kodoma version Watts in 0.1 increment is annoying! it serves no practical purpose.
I bought this mod because many reviewers use it on a daily basis. I bought it also because it seems to last more than 6 months! I am tired of buying stuff I have to throw away because it's not working anymore.

The shape of this device is just PERFECT. No odd lines. No uncomfortable angles or weird patterns. It's small and it looks very good. Although it's heavier than a single 18650 mod, you can keep it in your hand for a long time. The design is inspired by the function and I love that. Less is more.

The touch screen is easy to use and responsive although you have to look at it to add a few watts, that's the small disadvantage of not having + and - buttons. The curve function is great. And I ended up vaping in temps control with SS316... to my surprise! It's working fine at low wattage, better than a lot of cheaper mods.

The color is splendid, unfortunately, Asmodus quality control don't really mind having 2 shades of blue on the same device. It's sad because with such a elegant and minimalistic device, that's the kind of detail that jumps in your face right away!!! Talking about details.... when you pick up the device, you feel the door moving into your hand. What should feel like a solid bloc feels strangely cheap! Sad. It can be fixed easily with little strips of electric tape to prevent the door to move up and down and side to side. Asmodus would be wise to upgrade with the kodoma bottom door for version 3.

Great buy!

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