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DNA 250C battery life
had an issue, FT did not support, Evolv repaired
overall this mod is very good. It's thick and heavy but that is to be expected in a 3 battery DNA250C mod. I was having issues with the mod when i got it (i.e., battery 3 discharging quicker that the other cells. When I left the batteries in the device overnight I found the powers was drained when I woke up in the morning). FastTech didn't help since it was too long after the purchase that i noticed the issue. i ended up contacting Evolv and they helped me to fix the issue (i sent it to them, they installed a new chip). If you get a good version of the mod its excellent and as advertised, if you have to go through the run around that i went through (RMA Evolv, shipping to USA) maybe not. hard to say if i was just unlucky or if others have the same problem as me. Now that my mod has been repaired i love it (10/10), tons of power and battery life, solid chip, etc.
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