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Overall   (4.7)
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Attractive design and finish Dismantles completely if required Tailcap lock-out available
Large for a single AA
Seems very well made for the price, glass lens and metal reflector, no o-rings missing, anodised threads at both ends of battery tube to allow lockout. I replaced the tailcap switch cover, the existing one didn’t seem to have a long enough post in it to easily touch the switch, it now has a much better feel. Cover is the common 14mm diameter, it and the switch itself are accessed by removing the ring at the end of the tailcap.

Although the head is a separate part, the lens, reflector and led pill are removed forward after unscrewing the bezel. Pill looks like brass, led is on a 14mm board. Positive contact is a spring, presumably a flat-top 14500 would work – a Nitecore NL147 protected 14500 will fit.

Overall it seems nicely finished, colour is an attractive metallic grey with the contrasting bezel and tailcap ring. Slight criticisms could be that the knurling doesn’t add much to the grip, the absence of a clip and it is a bit long for a single AA light.
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