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Battery adapter for 18650 Fits 21700
Switch Battery rattle (20700) No engravings Adapter isn't centred
I had massively high hopes after reading djvillan's review on the discussions page for this mod.

The mech did come as seen in the pics, I'm guessing he got lucky and received one with engravings and a better switch? I'm confused.

It does fit 21700 and 18650 batteries comfortably but there is rattle for 20700 batteries from side to side, not end to end. The adapter for the 18650, the top pin isn't centred at the 510, not a major issue but could be an issue for some. The switch is where I lose interest. The throw is good and smooth but there is room where is wiggles, so that's not good. Also it doesn't fire properly if you don't hit it dead centre, so to hold it comfortably becomes harder. The button of the switch also came scratched and unfinished. Poor quality to be honest.

All in all I wouldn't recommend this one, I'm still unsure how the reviewer in the discussions page got this one and have better quality.

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