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- it does MTL and it does DL - nicely machined - overall design is quite nice
- it is not possible to have best of both worlds - loose & cross threaded 510 pin - Loose afc ring
All in all it is a nice tank. I now own two of them.
They can do a nice MTL and a Nice DL.
However, although it seems to work and you can switch between MTL and DL we build according to how we vape, so it is quite difficult to get the right build that appeals to both ways of vaping.
Using a bigger beefier coil and the tank tends to get hot when in MTL. Use a smaller one and it lacks a bit of flavor in the DL department. The MTL draw is quite restricted and the DL can be quite loose if you use the DL driptip that is provided.
Build quality...
Two the quality seems to be allover good, but I think the 510 person should be fired:
Two tanks from different web-shops and the 510 on both of them was loose upon arrival.
Not good. The second one i received was also cross-threaded luckily the 510 person did not screw it in completely, so there was enough threading left to get it in right.
Come on Damn Vape, QC please... unacceptable
Regarding the 510 issues and it isn't the best of both worlds i quite like these because of their versatility. Build to how you vape regularly and adjust using power and afc to get he vape you want.
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