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Juice Bottle might break
This is my first squonker device though I think this is more of a pumper. I had to get this because of the price. It was sooo cheap and I'm glad I got it. It feels great in the hand, I love the display and the buttons. It has all the features you need, it may not have the fanciest looking menu but its simple and easy to decipher unlike some I've used. Putting the coils in was easy enough and wicking was very simple. I just made sure I had the juice holes uncovered. I also pumped some juice up to the top before I wicked it as I wasn't sure how many pumps it would take to fill the tube and I didn't want any burnt hits while waiting for juice to arrive. i did put a little juice on the cotton after wicking to avoid this happening as well. The flavour is great! I am using a Kylin mini and a goon dripper at the moment and the flavour is as good if not better then the Kylin, which I love. I have no problem at all with the button. I have found a supplier of replacement bottles so I've ordered some extras just in case.I recommend this rig. I say GO FOR IT!!
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