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Long life. Good taste.
After using it for a week or two needs some blowing through to get the burnt liquid out of cotton.
Have ordered these 3-4 times over the year that I have this pod, they are of good quality most of the time.
The trick to extending their life is blowing out (without the cap on) the brown liquid once it starts to sedate on the bottom of the cartridge, maybe add a bit of PG to blow it through to get the worst gunk out, or if you don't want to waste your mixed liquid. Also, mix your own liquid with concentrates and salt nic booster, which definitely helps to keep it fresh much longer (don't use many bakeries and tobacco concentrates, those still gunk up the coil pretty fast). The pre-mixed salt liquids kill these very fast with not much of a difference in taste, I'm pretty sure they oversaturate those intentionally to make you buy more cartridges.
I got only 1 bad cartridge from 4 packs -- it's juice holes were misplaced a bit to the sides, probably the machine twisted the coil piston a bit and it had some problems with juice and air flow. I'm still using it throughout the whole month though.
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