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Easy to build Great vape/flavour Post & 510 screws are solid No leaks
Imperfect paint job. Top cap/chimmney threads a little scratchy
Never tried the original as it's a little expensive for me. This clone functions well as is easy to set up and produces a flavourful single coil vape which is fantastic. As it's single coil you would need fairly exotic premade coils to get good performance I would guess. Gets a little hot when chain vaping (maybe cheaper metal than the original?) but not unbearable when used with the included black delrin drip tip (the red drip tip also supplied is awful!). For me the post screws were perfect, but as it's a clone- the chimmney & top cap threading's biy janky and some areas on the airflow ring had paint missing - this doesn't affect function and none has come off since (I've used for a Month) but still a little annoying, however at ths cheap price no complaints.
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