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Ceramic Rings Break
First, let me assure you this review is not written with any extreme emotions or grudge. My emotion was actually disappointment and regret as I had such high hopes when I was ordering this RTA. After all, I was getting a YFTK tank with thick metal mesh wick, and ceramic in eLiquid delivery system; what could be better?
The tank itself is designed and made great. Fit and finish is excellent and so is the parts quality. All markings and logos are present. This tank comes with a spares package, which contains spares for all of the ceramic parts. It was when inspecting this package that I noticed the spare ceramic ring that holds the metal mesh wick together and insulates it, was broken. Without this insulator ring, the thick mesh wick will short out, or gradually open up and cause wicking failure. I quickly opened a ticket with FastTech and thanked god for still having one functioning ceramic ring. Inspecting this support ring further, I noticed it is made extremely thin, and I mean EXTREMELY, which shouldn’t be. Since this ring is holding a relatively large pack of mesh in a place where temperatures change severely, it should at least have the necessary bulk to hold under stress. But being so thin, with a slight pressure or even negligence, it could break. Observing and understanding this flaw, I made my build with outmost care and started vaping away happily. In less than a week, I noticed constant electrical shorts and my wick getting loose at the bottom. When I opened my build up, I noticed the ceramic ring had cracked. The metal mesh was was just being held on the top with the coil on one end and free the rest of the way. I believe, with their current build quality, these rings will break (under the stress from mesh wick and the rapid and extreme temperature changes) within days to weeks of using this tank, regardless of the care put into the builds. That means the money spent is to use this tank only for a few days. Therefore, sadly, until YFTK replaces these rings with more durable designs, I can not recommend this tank, and warn purchasers of this flaw.
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