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good threads Heatsink Good taste
poor plastic tank useless steel tank delicate, fragile, therefore insufficient spare parts poor plastic drip tip
Poor endowment given the price and potential of this genesis:
1) the steel tank is useless because it is blind: Yftk could do it (and I hope he will soon) in glass,
much more useful.
2) The tank in poor plastic cannot even be looked at! .. much better had it been in derlin or other material resistant to acid liquids. Even better, a second pyrex tank.
3) Ceramics will also be a good idea, but it is rigid and fragile: and moreover, with heat, it does
not last at all. The vertical cylindrical insulator also lasts a short time also because the mesh
that slides over it is rough.
4) The lower ceramic insulator I already see that the hours are would have been better
to double it twice...even at the cost of putting fewer rounds of mesh.
Anyway, a spare peek insulator is necessary.
5) The upper disk-insulator of the screw "plug" broke on the first use!
Really too subtle and fragile: even better here in peek.
6) The top "screw cap" will also look nice in metal, but it goes in short circuit with metal drip tip!
7) The o-rings that hold the tank are too thin in height, and without abundant lubrication tend to
come out of the seat: they were double the height (because as diameter they are fine) this problem
would be solved.
8) The steel frame and screws are made well. Too bad it's not bottom feeder...(coming soon...? )
9) Uncomfortable refill cap = too tight. A small high metal screw like "Origen genesis V2 22mm"
would have been better.
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