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wicks very well , easy to fill and set up with ceramic insulators in place and tastes very very good
plastic tank ,no glass and lack of spares for tank and ceramic parts
its been well over a week since the inax v5 arrived and I almost immediately set to getting it set up ,ready for action , I did not repeat not use the ceramic ring to restrain the mesh wick as that is not what its intended for ,I used 200 super fine mesh 20 x80 mm approximately and rolled it around a suitably sized mandrel , not the ceramic tube as with 2 and only 1 spare I was not going to take any chances with this I then fitted the mesh on the ceramic tube and inserted it into the tank after all the heating needed to get it to keep its shape permanently and oxidized ,I have been dealing with mesh since 2012 so I know what works for me ,I then wound 4 wraps of 26ga ss316l wire for my coil 0.42ohms and minimal tweaking of the coil needed and now have it set at 27.2w 450f and have had no trouble at all with hotspots and yes the mesh has not moved at all nor will it and there is a little clearance between the mesh and the ceramic ring say 0.1-0.15mm ! works mighty fine in my book and tastes top notch too.
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