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Nice-looking Works okay with voopoo coils and tanks
Doesn't work as a mod with an RTA Heavy Condensation always collects under the tank and it's seemingly impossible to clean up Not great for mtl
Don't buy this thinking you will be able to use it as a mod. I think you have to buy the pro version if you want that (IMO you're better off buying a real mod in that case). At this point, it's well-known that the drag x doesn't work well as a real mod, but nobody told me! Don't get me wrong, this works just fine with the voopoo tank and coils, but the only rebuildable options you have with it are the voopoo rebuildable coil, the voopoo Drag rta (which is plastic and DL), or the plastic clone rta (seems to be the only mtl version). The voltage won't go above like 3 volts with anything else, so even an rta with a very low power MTL build won't work so well on it (it's barely doable, which is pathetic!).

In my case, I basically just wanted a rebuildable pod mod, so this was a waste for me. Just get the Boost pro if that's what you want. I have the OG boost with the rdta (which seems the same as the pro version) and it's the easiest thing ever! Only takes a few minutes to build or rewick.
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