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fine machining heavy, quality feel I like the design choices protected glass
low capacity low juice visibility small wicking holes
the three negatives listed above are all valid and should be taken into consideration...this is not an rta for those wanting long uninterrupted vape time. Wicking must be thinned and allowed to "breathe" when poked into the smallish wick holes and out the bottom, almost rdta style. Full on DL users will need to alter their style, as this is restricted, even wide open. The airflow is genius, though future iterations could benefit by a "marking" system, to let users know where their preferred airflow ring orientation was. The under coil airflow is 61 tiny holes, amazing how precise this rta has been built and designed. Packaging is nice, with coils and cotton, atty stand and sunglass bag/ wiping cloth. This RTA is any easy build, medium difficulty wicking and medium to high performance/ flavor atty. Many will love the industrial look, many will love the machining, and many will love the vape it gives....overall, not a bad purchase at all --THC makes quality products, and this one is a winner.
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