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Solid build Solid chip, best screen in Vaping huge atty platform, 30mm plus!
spinners size weight
The biggest deal around on a generally poorly received mod from SX Mini. This mess never had a chance at 200.00, like it's sibling, the G-Class. While the G has style and some restraint, this T class goes all out to convince users that it's "cool" and "modern"...and it fails, miserably.

The chip is saving grace, it's great, though some convoluted controls lessen the experience...the joystick is overall better and easier to manipulate than the G Class and SL class mods. They put the chip in a monolith of a mod, so at least the Yihi innards are protected well. Type C works well and is a nice addition. The battery door is typical high quality and secure. The design holds this mod back -- but at sub 40.00, it's ALMOST a mandatory purchase for those looking to get their feet wet in the quality mod arena...good purchase!
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