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Inexpensive alternative to BB Good performing board Adjustable connection 21700 battery
Weak gasket on bridge
This is my second Pulse AIO (I also have the blue version) and I continue to be impressed with the value compared with other BB options. The board doesn't have the performance of a DNA but is very capable, easy to use, and offers OK TC functionality (if TCR value is used rather than presets). It's all plastic so it doesn't have the solid feel of a metal case, but it doesn't feel cheap either. The all black version has a more "upscale" look that the transparent versions, but I do miss not being able to see the screen or liquid level as I can with my blue version.

It's easy to get a 21700 in and out without tearing wraps. The adjustable contact is great, especially when using other boro tanks/bridges. You can adjust the contact up to compensate for bridges that are a bit too short to make a good contact.

The included rebuildable bridge provides solid performance and is simple to build and wick. I like that it doesn't need an adapter to screw it into a mod to pulse/check the coil. One less thing to lose! It's not at all fussy about wicking, and has handled everything from 50 VG to 80VG juices without flooding or leaking. Very good flavor. I'm not as impressed with the premade coil option, but it performs OK. Nice to have in case you don't want to, or don't have time to build the RBA.

The only notable con is that the gasket that holds the bridge deck to the boro tank is weak. It doesn't leak (at least so far) but it provides minimal grip to the base. You absolutely do not want to fill the boro when it's out of the mod since the base can easily fall off and dump your juice. Only fill it once it's in the mod and there's no problems.

While I would have liked a metal case rather than plastic, the price of this for all you get makes it the best value by far in the BB/Boro world. Probably will pick up a third one soon.
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