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Silver is a pretty color Seriously lightweight, I've never seen metal this light They are curved like stock billet panels
Junk magnets, these just slide up and off by pushing up, never seen such weak magnets on any bbv or sxk bb panels
I'm taking issue with ambition, I will not buy another ambition product, these are an absolute insult, they don't stick at all, grabbing the mod and pushing up and the panel magnets just break loose and panels slide off, it's bizzare.

I tried few authentic boxes and a sxk box, no difference, the magnets seem to be mounted more deeply in the panel that others, it's a joke, idk if it's worth trying to get replaced, after I had to buy a replacement part so the bishop cubed rba works in an authentic billet box , I'm absolutely done buying any ambition products... The molen was a good start, the boros were OK, now they're off the map on the crap production, I had thought to try new sunbox, hell no...

I did order black panels also, they haven't arrived yet, hopefully I got a shitty set here and black will have been made correctly
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